The Kardeo Engine takes content from traditional flash/fan card and converts it into a digital format for your mobile device. With an intuitive user interface that mimmicks a real life deck of cards, Kardeo is the perfect partner to help you bring your product to the mobile market.

The Kardeo "Engine" is our proprietary platform that can take almost any content and make it into a compelling deck for users to enjoy. If you can read it, we can make it into a deck. The Engine supports some cool features to make the whole experience unique and fun.

Don't think we are going to stop there either. We will be releasing enhanced features to support Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. We also will be embedding some tunes and other wildcards. With our engine Kardeo is redefining what flash cards can do.

  • record labels.

    Help promote your established or new artists with an interactive fan card deck, that includes an embedded audio track.

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  • book publishers.

    Deliver your existing flash card or book catalogue to the audience on the go.

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  • trading cards.

    Digitize your existing catalogue and deliver an interactive mobile experience, inlcuding live statistical data feeds.

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  • movie studios.

    Generate buzz and excitement around the release of a new movie. Give your fans a sneak peak at your great visuals, or an indepth look at your characters and the stars that play them.

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  • television producers.

    Promote an upcoming season, or feed the fan frenzy with an interactive deck of cards.

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  • Become a Partner

  • Kardeo is always on the look out for new partnerships with publishers, record labels, movie studios, authors, you name it. We belive our platform's flexibility makes us the perfect partner for your content

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  • blackberry
  • android